Street wear is making a comeback, or rather did it really go out of style to begin with? What is street wear?   […]

As the world of fashion continues to evolve, handbags have remained a staple accessory for women of all sizes and styles. Handbags are a must-have accessory for any stylish woman […]

Cool (warm!) sweaters are a must-have for any wardrobe, and it's important to remember that size doesn't dictate style. Smaller women can rock a cool sweater […]

As I keep harping on about, petite women have long been overlooked in the fashion industry, with clothing options often limited and lacking in variety....

Like all of you, I had a lot of spare time during lockdown.  After a life time of running from pillar to post trying to accomplish all my goals and make a life for myself, I suddenly found myself locked up in my house with not much to do! […]

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8 Useful Shoe Hacks for a Comfortable Wear We’ve probably all been through the discomfort of trying to hobble around in a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit, or come home to blistered feet. Sometimes the beautiful pair of shoes we’ve bought have been a bit of a let-down because of the horrible odour […]

One of my big themes for the New Year is the act of De-Cluttering. I will write some more on this topic in future blogs, but for this blog we will adapt the de-cluttering principles to shoes. If you’re someone like me who loves collecting shoes, you’ll know just how quickly your shoe collection can […]

The sometimes ostentatious yet innocuous fashion accessory for the head; namely the hat, can trace its origins as far back as the Bronze Age where it was probably used as protection from the elements. Short History of the Hat From being a symbol of freedom for slaves, to a sign of social standing in the […]

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is why so many people tend to overlook the importance of taking care of their feet. When you think of your body it’s rather surprising that we take little heed of one of the most overworked parts of it. We hardly give our feet a second thought […]

Have you ever watched celebrities on the red carpet and said ‘damn I wish I had those shoes!’ and in the next breath lamented that your feet would probably be too small to fit into them anyway. Well, for those of us with small feet who have been under the misconception that the shoes that […]

A woman’s shoe collection is definitely something worth marvelling at because it’s probably taken a fair amount of time to build up that collection. However, if you’re someone like me who just loves her shoes, then the collection would have accumulated a lot quicker. For me, a day out shopping means an addition of at […]


When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Really cleaned it out? Thought so. Before you go shopping for the new season here’s how to perform a stocktake on the clothes you already own. HOW TO DETOX YOUR CLOSET When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Really cleaned it out? […]

It’s quite obvious that I love shoes, and I sometimes end up splurging on footwear when I’m in the mood for some change. Spending on shoes is a great pastime for many women, but how many of you actually take care of your shoes like you’re supposed to. Sure you clean them and put them […]

Autumn has arrived!! And with it the beautiful Autumn Colours of leaves turning gold and yellow and a multitude of different colours in-between as they fall. The sunsets around Autumn are also magnificent and I am sure everyone at one time or another has marvelled at the beautiful red and orange hues of a sunrise […]

I’ve got a fact for you that shocked me to the core when I read it.
Right now, the year 2050 is closer than the year 1990.
I know, right?    […]