One of my big themes for the New Year is the act of De-Cluttering.  I will write some more on this topic in future blogs, but for this blog we will adapt the de-cluttering principles to shoes.

If you’re someone like me who loves collecting shoes, you’ll know just how quickly your shoe collection can get out hand. When you have a huge collection of shoes, the biggest issue is storage. How do you keep your shoes organised and looking their best? These tips below, gathered from fashion experts will hopefully help you organise and store your shoes better.

De-Cluttering Your Shoe Closet

So often when we’re storing shoes we tend to chuck them on the floor of our closet. While the bottom most space in the closet may be convenient for short term storage, it can get quite problematic over a period of time. Shoes either begin to pile up over each other or get pushed to the back and are forgotten.  While a good idea is to have a separate storage space altogether, preferably off the floor, if you’re going to store your shoes in the closet anyway, do it right.

Organise them into categories

Instead of breaking out in a sweat every time you have to rummage through your closet it’s a good idea to sort shoes out methodically.  First sort your shoes according to how often you wear them. Obviously the shoes that you wear more often would move to a more accessible space, up front. The ones that you only take out for occasions would naturally move to the back.

If you’re anything like me with a huge collection of every day shoes you’ll need to sort these out too. Arrange them in groups with similar styles occupying the same space. So you’ll probably have one space for work shoes, another for your workout shoes and then the ones you wear to go out. The next time you’re in a hurry, you won’t have to think too much because you know exactly where your shoes are.

Invest in a good shoe organiser

If you’re one of those people who love collecting shoes then you’ll probably need a separate shoe organiser instead of piling up your closet. While wire racks are quite popular they’re not always the best solution especially for heels. A good idea would be to invest in a bookcase with adjustable shelves.

Shoes that are worn often should have open storage spaces for obvious reasons. These spaces not only allow your shoes to breathe but also help in better organisation. However, not all of us have the space for a big organiser. For someone with limited space I would suggest getting an organiser that you can hang over the closet door. These are great for storing your flats, running shoes and casual footwear.

Shoe Bins are also another good option for storing your shoes, but go for the ones that are see through. If you already have boxes at home that you’d like to reuse then why not put a picture of the shoe on it? That way you’ll know exactly what to pick out in the morning. PetitePeds have got a range of plastic shoe storage boxes which you can purchase here to kick off your shoe de-cluttering exercise.

Keep fancy heels at the top of your closet

My fancy heels only come out on special occasions so when storing them I prefer to keep them on the top shelf of the closet, out of harm’s way. At that height they’re also clearly visible when I need them. Stilettos don’t fit well into over the door organisers and since they’re so delicate it’s always best to store them right.

Don’t keep shoes empty

From experience I know one of the best ways of keeping shoes in shape is to insert a wooden or plastic shoe frame into the shoe. However, before you do this with something you’ve just worn, wait for a day or two for any residual moisture to evaporate. Alternatively, you could also stuff shoes with acid-free tissue. For tall boots I’d recommend using a rolled up magazine or newspaper to keep them in shape. You could also use acid-free cardboard.

While there are many methods of storing your shoes the most important thing is to clean them well before putting them away. Also make sure that your storage space is climate controlled as the wrong temperature can damage your shoes. Adding a package of silica gel to you shoe boxes is also a good idea for long term storage. Shoes don’t come cheap so if you want them to last, you definitely need to take good care of them by storing them right.

Click the picture below for some more tips especially for petite ladies.