Autumn has arrived!!  And with it the beautiful Autumn Colours of leaves turning gold and yellow and a multitude of different colours in-between as they fall. The sunsets around Autumn are also magnificent  and I am sure everyone at one time or another has marvelled at the beautiful red and orange hues of a sunrise or sunset.

It is ironic then, that its around this time of year (the most colourful time of the year)  that many of us start packing up our bright coloured summer clothing and revert to boring browns and greys and blacks!! Isn't that strange!

In general, many ladies tend to shy away from adding too many colours to our wardrobes, preferring to stick to ‘safe colours.’  One of the main reasons why we gravitate towards the safe side is probably because we’re under the misguided notion that colours don’t suit us.  Today, with the wide range of universal colours to choose from, there’s really no reason why you can’t add some colour to your wardrobe. You’ll soon realise wearing a good colour can really do wonders for your confidence and overall persona.

With accessories too, I’ve noticed that many women splurge on clothes and shoes which are expensive and top of the range, but when it comes to accessorising they hold back. Some confess that they don’t want to look over the top. However, wearing the right accessories just adds that extra touch to your outfit. You don’t have to look like an advertisement for Mardi Gras by over-accessorising, but just small touches go a long way in making you look classy.

Don’t Fall Short On The Accessories

Choosing an outfit that looks good on you is no rocket science, however, trying to style it is a whole other ball game! Accessories go a long way in upping the ante to create a whole new look. A simple tee shirt can change in appearance depending on what accessory you choose.  Go from adding a few extras to it like a scarf or necklace for a casual look or pair it with a blazer and you’ve gone from being totally casual to trendy.

Read on to find out what I think are a few essentials to spruce up a simple outfit.


A little bling goes a long way in adding some ‘colour’ to your otherwise simple outfit. Even if you are not generally big in this area, a great necklace can do wonders. A simple string of pearls or a delicate pendant can lift your outfit from mediocre to stylish. Sometimes bigger necklaces also help in improving the look, but tread with caution here as you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve just returned from a carnival.


Whether it’s drama or chic that you want to add to your outfit a pair of great earrings can do that for you.  Wear large earrings to draw attention or diamond studs for that chic and sophisticated look.


This is one of the simplest and easiest of accessories to add that ‘wow’ factor to your look. With so many styles and patterns available, you can have a different style for every day of the week. Drape the scarf over your shoulders or even wear it stylishly on your head, you’ll soon discover the power of this simple accessory. Check out our Facebook page for a fantastic video on how many ways you can wear a scarf.


This ubiquitous accessory can do wonders for accentuating your shape or adding shape to your outfit. I can’t stress this enough…. As a petite lady, this is sooo…  important to do to avoid looking shapeless.  Many petite ladies are inadvertently mistaken for being boys or little girls so anything we can do to avoid this embarrassment will go a long way.  Adding a brightly coloured belt over a dark cardigan can give it that oomph quotient.

Stylish Shoes

When you’re done with all the bare essentials for looking good, don’t forget the MOST IMPORTANT ACCESSORY of all... a great pair of shoes to match, before walking out the door. It’s not necessary to stick to those safe colours of black and nude all the time so encourage you all to be bold. Choose a good pair of heels in a colour that matches your outfit and stride confidently into that room to make heads turn! Matching your shoes to another accessory like a scarf or a bag is another way of sprucing up your look and always keeping it fresh and exciting.

We have got some amazing Coloured Pumps, Knee High Boots, Ankle Boots, High Heels and Slip Ons that you can find here that will match with and brighten up any Autumn/Winter outfit so check them out here.

Now just a word of caution… While it’s a wonderful thing to accessorise your outfit or add colour, remember too much of anything is good for nothing. Try not to go overboard!  You can go bold with a really basic outfit but don’t overdo it or you’ll end up looking like a display mannequin!  As the saying goes, "less is definitely more"!