One thing that never ceases to amaze me is why so many people tend to overlook the importance of taking care of their feet. When you think of your body it’s rather surprising that we take little heed of one of the most overworked parts of it. We hardly give our feet a second thought as we go about our daily lives of pounding them on the jogging track early in the morning to dancing till the wee hours of the day.  Our poor feet are either shoved into high heels at unnatural angles or smothered in layers of socks till they protest with sweat. So shouldn’t it be a top priority to take care of this overworked horse of ours?

Some of you are probably smiling to yourselves thinking ‘I do go for the occasional foot spa or pedicure!’ However, it’s not really necessary to go overboard to have sexy healthy feet. Spending just a few minutes a day on your feet will give them the care that they need.

With Summer around the corner, here are some pointers to give you those envious feet that you want to flaunt all summer long!

Wash your feet well

You probably shower or have a bath every day, but how often do you actually bend down to properly wash your feet? It’s important to soap your feet and wash between your toes. Don’t try to do a balancing act in the shower if you’re not comfortable. Find a small stool or a comfortable place to sit while you clean your feet. When you’re done washing them properly, be sure to dry them completely, especially between the toes. This will help to keep bacteria and fungus at bay.

Smooth out the calluses

With Summer fast approaching, if you want your feet to look good in open-back shoes then you need to have a pumice stone or foot file in the bathroom. However, before you go scrubbing off those calluses, soak your feet in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes to soften your skin. It’s a good idea to soak your feet once in a while in a foot bath made from black tea which is a natural antibacterial agent. Make sure to apply a rich foot cream after you’re done scrubbing. If the calluses are bad, you could try medicated heel pads to soften them.

Be careful when you’re going in for a pedicure at a salon. You may sometimes be under the misconception that you’re taking good care of your feet, and could end up doing more damage if you’re at the wrong place. Remember that hygiene should be your top priority here so make sure that the tubs and instruments are clean.


You don’t need anything fancy to keep those feet smooth. All it takes is a few minutes to apply a lotion or cream to your feet after you’ve finished washing or scrubbing them. Creams containing petrolatum help draw more moisture into the skin so if you do have these, use them.

Change your shoes

Variety is the spice of life they say and its true with shoes too. Its best not to stick to the same pair of shoes all the time. It is important to alternate between shoes so that the ones that have been used get some time to air out. And yes, you need a clean pair of socks every day to keep infections at bay!

If you are embarrassed by your ‘smelly feet’ try soaking them in a mixture of vinegar and water.

Your feet need to feel comfortable

I know this problem will not be too prevalent for petite feet, but I'll say it anyway, try not to torture your feet by forcing them into a pair of tight shoes, just because the shoes look good! Tight shoes can distort the shape of your toes and also worsen any bunions you might already have. Wear high heels that are stable and alternate heel heights on a regular basis to protect the shortening of your Achilles tendon.

 Slippers are to be worn at home

These days wearing flip-flops all the time is a norm, but when I was growing up we were never allowed to wear flip flops outside the house. We learned early on that slippers/thongs/flip-flops were for the bathroom or indoors and not to be worn to go out. I resented it back then, but today I understand why. Flip-flops and walking barefoot for long periods is not that great for your feet. Flat shoes don’t give any support to your arch and result in one developing flat feet which, doesn't look lady like to begin with, can lead to other foot related complications so try to avoid wearing slippers for long periods of time.  Notice how your posture and gait change when you are wearing flip flops and wearing sturdy shoes.

Taking care of your feet is probably instinctive, but I think if you pay attention to these pointers that I've shared with you I’m sure your feet are going to look as sexy and healthy as mine do. (I can’t help blow the proverbial trumpet here especially when I see the transformation my feet have undergone with a little care!)

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