A woman’s shoe collection is definitely something worth marvelling at because it’s probably taken a fair amount of time to build up that collection. However, if you’re someone like me who just loves her shoes, then the collection would have accumulated a lot quicker. For me, a day out shopping means an addition of at least one pair of new shoes to my collection. Over time I’ve probably collected almost every style and colour imaginable, and no, I will not trim down my collection for anything!

Through the years I’ve realised that even if one does have a big collection of shoes, there are a few styles that almost always become your ‘go to’ option for various occasions.  If you don’t already own some of these basic shoe styles, then I recommend adding them to your wardrobe. These 8 essential styles will help you make a fashion statement no matter what the occasion.

Black High Heels

Having a pair of black high heels is a must for any wardrobe. Dressy high heels will work with any evening outfit, from a cocktail dress to dress pants. Whether it’s a closed pair or dress sandals, a pair of black high heels will do wonders for your look (and height) .

The minimalist dress sandal may seem a tad too simplistic to wear for an occasion, but you’ll be surprised at just how classy they look with skirts or even a pair of boyfriend jeans. For the height, 2.5 to 4.5 inches is good. Whatever height you choose, just make sure that you’re comfortable walking in them.

Nude or Neutral Heels

If you have a big meeting or an important date coming up, a pair of nude or neutral pumps is a must have. The great thing about nudes is that they tend to make your legs look longer. Black pumps are versatile, but they’re not an ideal match for everything. If you plan on investing on just one pair of nudes, zero in on a classic pair that will not be outdated with the change of season.

Black Pumps with Low Heels

Low heels, especially comfortable black pumps are a staple to your shoe collection. High heels are not always practical or appropriate, whereas a pair of low heels can be worn for a number of occasions. They’re great for an impromptu business meeting, a semi-formal dinner, a funeral, or when you’re looking to dress down a bit.

3 inches is the appropriate height for this quintessential addition to your wardrobe. You can pair them with anything and still make a style statement.

Metallic High Heels

These shoes are really great when you want to go the distance and dazzle. When you’re out to impress at a big time ‘dressy occasion,’ you want your shoes to stand out too. The best thing about metallic high heels is that they’ll make a statement no matter what the style is – whether they’re strappy sandals or open-toed pumps. These shoes are strictly for evening wear and will go best with light neutrals, whites, pastels or even a black dress.


A must for your wardrobe especially for days when your feet are protesting against wearing heels. They pair well with a dress or skirt to office and will also look great with jeans on the weekend. Opt for a dressier colour to liven up your look. Try not to go for the Ballet flats without any support at all as they do not have much support for your arches and your back.



Ankle Boots or Booties

Ankle boots are great to have because they can make even a casual look appear chic. They add that oomph factor to casual wear. Wear them with jeans and see how they alter your appearance. Choose ankle boots or booties that not only flatter your legs but also feel comfortable on your feet. Neutral hues or a classic black or brown pair are the colors that you should go for as they pair with anything.

Tall Boots

These are a winter staple and an essential item to add to your wardrobe. Whilst giving you that sexy look, they’ll also keep your legs warm. Although not as versatile as ankle boots, they pair well with skirts and jeans. You should add at least one pair of basic boots in brown or black to your wardrobe. They will definitely lift your mood on a dull winter morning.

The Quintessential Sneaker

I’m sure almost every woman owns at least one pair of sneakers. They’re a great item to have because of the comfort factor. Sneakers are great for traveling or for completing a certain look. Depending on the style, you can wear them with almost every item of clothing.  Today, the range of styles in sneakers is vast and trendy so you won’t be restricted for choice.

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