Some feminists would say that women shouldn’t wear heels because they have historically been used by men to oppress, stereotype, or, in extreme cases, deform and disable women. Others would say that anyone should be able to wear heels if they want to because real feminism is about every woman having the freedom to choose what she wants for herself!

Of course, they’re also controversial for health reasons. And, the facts are pretty indisputable. Wearing heels excessively, exclusively, or for extended periods of time can cause a long  list of problems, from acute pain and injury to long-term foot, back, ankle, and knee issues. Despite all of the studies, many women continue to wear heels.

So, why on earth would anyone actually choose to wear heels?

I don’t know.  Maybe we think we need to. Maybe we just want to. For the shorter woman, you just HAVE to!

Personally, I wear heels every day of my life!  As a teen, I didn’t wear heels at all. I just didn’t have the need, growing up in the mountainous region, it was impossible to wear heels and trudge up and down the hills!

But, because I had never wore them, I really didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think about it was like until I actually wore them…    I just knew I’d somehow stand out. … and I was ok with that!!

Maybe you find yourself in a situation  where you’ve never worn high heels before and  you’re just not confident about how you look in them. Whatever the reason, if you think you’d like a few tips on choosing high heels, then check out PetitePeds Facebook Page for tips for beginners wearing high heels.

Here are some advantages of wearing high heels which directly leads to our previous discussion on confidence.  Overall, the physical and psychological benefits for heels far outweigh the possible risks, especially in the right pair.

  1. They make your legs look longer and slender which is especially good for petite ladies
  2. High heels help to tone your legs especially the calf muscles. Just make sure you stretch after
  3. They help with your posture by helping you to walk taller, push your shoulders back and hold your head up high and create a more feminine posture.  Somehow when you wearhigh heels it is not possible not to feel confident!
  4. High heels make you look more elegant than flat shoes.

So get out there, in a fancy pair of high heels and paint the town red, you gorgeous beautiful petite women!