Hello and a Very Happy New Year to all our customers in our PetitePeds Community.


Hello and a Very Happy New Year to all our customers in our PetitePeds Community.

This year I thought it would be fitting to start the year off with some inspirational blogs to get everyone motivated and off to a great start.  What does this have to do with selling shoes, I hear you say?  Well, as with anything, being part of a community is multidimensional  and from the recent Customer Survey we conducted, feedback from you indicated that is exactly what you want too!

So here’s to a great start to the year,  full of hope and achievement!


Yes its that time of year when New Year Resolutions are being made (and in some cases broken by now!) There are 5 magic steps which you must follow to link your goals, intention, and purpose with the power to realise them.  The power lies within YOU and through alignment, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  1.  Know exactly where you are right now:  You must take an inventory of your values, your internal strengths and weaknesses (yes, be honest with yourself)  and look at ways to increase your strengths and manage your weaknesses.  Surround yourself with people who can take care of the things that you are not so good at, a coach or mentor.
  2. Focus upon a specific intention:  Intentions are very much a step up from goals as goals are often fuelled by fear.  People tend to do things based on fear, but with intention you do things based on careful consideration and there is a sense of purpose about what you are up to.  So with clear intentions, clear goals and plans follow.
  3. You must have a specific game plan to deliver your intentions:  This is a step by step process.  Your specific game plan will give you a program to achieve the goal you have set for yourself . Example,  your personal training gym plan will deliver  your intention to be 10 cm slimmer around the waist by the end of 90 days.
  4.  Use vision and creative spirit thorough your imagination to create and design your life:  Imagine yourself fitting into that little black dress (in a specific size) and stepping out in style on a specific date and time in the future and keep reinforcing it on a daily basis and it will become reality.  What you dream you become.
  5. Take massive action about your intention and goals:  Make yourself take atleast one small step each day towards your outcome, no matter how small the step is.  At the end of the day you must ask yourself these 2 power questions, “What did I achieve today towards attaining my goal”?  And “How much closer to my goal am I?”

Remember, your goals must be SMART.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Tangible.  See the difference in these two statements

“I must lose weight this year”  as opposed to

“I must lose 10 kg by  May 2015” (This is a SMART goal)

Here are a few quotes to motivate you!

“You can’t rise unless you set goals that make you stretch”  Tom Hopkins

“Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be”  Abraham Lincoln

“There is no right or wrong, only outcomes”  Roy McDonald

Goodluck and hope you will be kicking Goals in the New Year!