Do You Feel Like Goldilocks when you go Clothes and Shoes shopping?

You need to learn a
Complete Dress
 for Petites!

4 Complete Dress Palettes

When it comes to Personal Style, most Petite Ladies assume they are doomed for life to wear clothes, shoes and accessories that do not fit.

But did you know that Changing Your Personal Style can be TAUGHT?

Style is not magic (as much as those artsy fartsy fashion designers have tried to convince you it is) and its not about high-class expensive brands either.

After hearing stories of how my customers have wasted oodles of money on the wrong outfits, and struggled with dressing their petite frames for years, I finally realised that the secret was ... EDUCATION!!

Why You Need This Book



Dressing a Petite Frame is different! This "little" bit of knowledge has been a huge eye opener for my petite customers and has gone on to change these ladies personal style and by extension their lives...

Not everyone can go to Fashion School or be Personal Stylists, but with the bite sized chunks of practical education, you can at least learn to dress yourself and accentuate your positives and eliminate your negatives!

What you Will Learn from Our Palettes

1. Learn How to choose the best prints for your unique body proportions to appear taller and slimmer

2. Learn the REAL SECRET to enhance your specific Silhouette

3. Learn How to choose the right colour clothing, accessories and more for your individual skin tone.


Get Your Hard Copy book for the low price of $10 plus Postage and Handling TODAY! OR you can download your electronic copy for $7


How to Dress for your Unique Skin Tone and Body Proportions Our Best Selling book Petite Fashion, The Long and Short Of is a unique book written for Petite Women on how to dress SPECIFICALLY for their Petite Body Frame. And you can have it exclusively here..